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Affordable, Quality Care
for ages 6 weeks to 12 years!

high desert learning center
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infant / toddler

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What Programs Do We Offer?
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infants and toddlers


Each infant dictates his/her own schedule or daily routine.  We ask when you enroll your child that you provide us, in writing, your baby’s schedule at home (i.e.; feedings, naps, play times, etc.)  as well as any other special things you would like us to know about your child.

Toddlers have a daily schedule that they follow.  We provide toddlers with a variety of activities during the day allowing for a balance of active and quiet, indoor and outdoor activities, and group and individual activities.  The toddler’s activities follow the monthly themes listed on the monthly calendar you will receive each month. 

An individual information sheet is sent home daily for infants and toddlers letting parents know about meals, naps, diaper changes, and their child’s general disposition during the day.

What to bring:

At least one week’s supply of diapers must be brought from home at a time.  We provide baby wipes; please watch your daily form for notice to bring more diapers.

As least TWO complete changes of clothing (yes, even socks) should be brought daily, or kept at the facility.  Infants and toddlers often get messy, and need changes throughout the day. When potty training begins, even more extra clothes may be needed.  All your child’s clothes should be labeled; little socks, etc. are hard to tell apart. 

Prepared, ready-to-heat, bottles must be brought daily and taken home nightly for infants and for toddlers that still need a bottle.  ALL bottles and food must be labeled!

Baby food must be provided from home for infants.  We will serve our school lunch and snacks in appropriate size, or mashed pieces, when your baby is ready and you have instructed us do so.  All toddlers will be served the school lunch

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Our pre-school programs begin at age 3 to 5 years old.  In these programs, the curriculum includes arts and crafts, music, stories, and creative play, as well as an orientation to letters, numbers, shapes, sizes, colors and time concepts.  The pre-kindergarten program also includes an introduction to phonics, printing and simple mathematics.  The children have outside play days.  In addition, classes enjoy varied experiences with cooking, dance and gardening.

Socially we encourage the children to be kind and helpful and show respect for the feelings and opinions of others.  We help them to develop patience, self-discipline, and pride in themselves and their accomplishments.

To encourage physical development we offer indoor and outdoor activities for the children, which help, develop and control their large and small muscles as well as release excess energy.  We stress the importance of health and safety in everything we do.  Our program is tailored to the individual needs and abilities of each child with the ultimate goal of building independence and self-confidence. 

What to bring:

We expect each preschool child to bring at least one complete change of clothes (yes, even socks) to the center.  A crib-size sheet and small blanket for naptime are also needed.  Please label everything you send.

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school age

school age

We offer a before and after school program for school-age children.  This program offers children the opportunity to explore different modes of expression, art, dramatic play, blocks, science, math, music, and reading.  There is also cooking, and tumbling equipment designed to respond to the special needs of school-age children.  We also allow time for the children to do homework, if they so choose!

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Our approach to early childhood education is to give your child an opportunity to develop an enjoyable attitude toward learning and growing. We provide a happy, loving and creative environment for your child through exciting and varied learning opportunities. Our atmosphere is one of warmth and relaxation. We invite visitations and encourage parent conferences and interaction. We believe our school is a positive addition to your child’s home life. We strive to maintain high standards through concern for each child’s individual development.